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Dear Family,

    Welcome to St. Therese Nursery School! We pray that this handbook will provide you with a thorough background of our school community as well as a reference. Our staff and families have assisted in the growth of our school over the last twenty years. Our mission of Learning is a journey, Not a destination truly encompasses our beliefs as a school community. Nursery school is the first of many stops on your child’s learning journey. That journey includes spiritual, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. We are here as early childhood educators to guide both you and your child on this learning journey! Keep in mind that nursery school is many times a child’s first exposure to a group of people outside of their family. Providing a safe and nurturing environment that welcomes children and assists them in this transition is why we are here!

    St. Therese Nursery School was established on October 30, 2000. We began with two classrooms, thirty students and four staff members. We now have almost 100 students, three classrooms, all day threes and fours, and a staff of ten! We have evolved over the past twenty years to maintain the balance of socialization as well as academic skills. Over the past twenty years academics have become more of a focus in early childhood as we prepare students for kindergarten where goals and objectives are higher that they were ever before. Finding a balance in how to integrate these academic skills in a developmentally appropriate manner is something our staff successfully achieves through professional development as well as their cohesiveness as a team of professionals. Most importantly, we are hear to develop kind and giving children that are accepting to everyone they encounter. Nursery school is ultimately about socialization and setting the tone for the child’s entire educational and life experience.

    With our mission as our driving force, we look forward to serving both you and your family on this first stop in your child’s learning journey! We pray that together we can provide the unique experience that each child needs to grow into an independent learner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

In God’s Peace,

Michele Adinolfi


We serve the towns of North Haven, Northford, North Branford, and other surrounding towns

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